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My thermostat is showing "Comp Delay" but my AC is running why?

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2014 07:36PM UTC
The thermostat will show "Comp Delay"  (meaning compressor delay) with the AC running in the following situations:

When the  CT50, CT30, CT22, 3M50, 3M30 or 3M22 has an HVAC Set up for normal 2 stage cool with ECON recovery.
When the CT32, CT80, CT100 or CT101 has an HVAC set up for normal 2 stage cool with ECON recovery or 2 stage heat pump with ECON recovery

Description of the situation:

If thermostat's HVAC settings matches one of the above combinations when the AC turns on both the first and 2nd stages of compression.  It will run both stages of compression till it get within the differential you set and then it will turn off the 2nd stage of compression.  At that time the "Comp Delay" will be displayed on the screen and the 1st stage of compression will still be running (ie. the AC is still running) -- this will tell the thermostat not to turn on the 2nd stage of compression for 4 minutes. 

* This option is ideal for situations where you may want to use 2 separate AC compressors units with a single thermostat, particularly for cooling an upstairs and downstairs.
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